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Is SEO Optimisation Dead?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 13, 2015 5:38:49 PM / by Tara McGarrigle

Most marketers are comfortable with SEO optimisation, as it's what they know and it’s something well within their control to do.

They hit the biggies -- H1, Page Title, Post Title, Image, URL, Content -- with their keywords, and
wait for the traffic and sales to roll in. 

Unfortunately, this just doesn't work anymore. 

ID-100124646Don't get us wrong - these are still really important pratices, but they only optimise your pages for searches engines. Google’s algorithm is much more sophisticated than it was even a few years ago, so keyword optimization on its own simply isn’t going to cut the mustard anymore.

What you really need to put the effort into is outstanding content.

This is what the people - new visitors, contact making their way through the buyers journey and established customers really need. They questions you answer, the pain points you help remove for them, via content on your site is what is going to keep them coming back for more.

It's also the reason why they will become customers.

To create outstanding content, you need to really focus on your buyer personas - think about how they use their services, what their day looks like, and what kind of information is important to them. Creating great content that makes their jobs and lives easier in combination with SEO optimisation will get your comapny results. 

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Tara McGarrigle

Written by Tara McGarrigle